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Vector Boats

rigid inflatable boats

The Vector company specializes in designing and manufacturing rigid inflatable boats; following advanced worldwide trends of development of small ship building industry, Vector builds modern high-speed boats and powerboats. The production is based on +20-years of experience, modern manufacturing equipment, high-quality materials, hand finishing and continuous quality control. 

To ensure maximum resistance and less wear in saline or brackish water, rigid inflatable tubes are manufactured from Valmex (Mahler Technologies, Germany) and from Hypalon (Dupont, France). Vector manufactures a broad range of rigid inflatable boats for military, police, rescue corps, civil defense and risk management agencies, as well for many kinds of civilian users. Vector boats sail on seas, rivers, ponds and lakes around the world.


Kharkov - Ukraine

Rigid Inflatable Boats belongs to the most actively developing class of power boats and motor boats. Rigid Inflatable Boats are boats with the rigid hull and inflatable broads combining advantages of both rigid boats and inflatable boats. The rigid boat hull ensures excellent seaworthiness, comfort, inflatable tubes provide security and usability.

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