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Warszawa - Poland

uAvionics is a manufacturer of unmanned aircraft. Their offer is based flying platforms production and services. uAvionics team combines people responsible for the various stages of production which allows for complete integration of systems inhouse.

fixed-wing unmanned aircrafts

uAvionics  solutions are divided into three main groups: unmanned platforms below 7kg, unmanned aircraft below 25kg and equipment for drones such single and redundant autopilot systems, gimbals, power management solutions and ground control stations. The UAVs can be used for inspection, monitoring, surveillance and recording from air while maintaining the highest safety standards, in the most demanding civilian and military environments.

Special performance characteristics make uAvionics platforms very unique; i.e. the Barracuda has a 5-hour endurance and a maximum range of 450 km, weighing less than 25 kg.

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