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Panagyurishte - Bulgaria

Opticoelectron is one of the most advanced companies specialized in optomechanical, optoelectronic and laser devices and systems for defense and security, Opticoelectron is considered as the largest producer of quality optical components and OEM products on the Balkans.

vision systems

The most complete line of NATO certified optical systems, manufactured under the ISO 9001:2008 standard.


Optical Sights. 


Day Sights, Collimators And Laser Target Designators.


Night Vision, Thermal and SWIR.


Surveillance and Observation.


Stationary, Semi-Stationary and Mobile Vision Systems.


Optical devices including spherical lenses, flat optics, prisms and wedges, optical coatings, achromatic doublets and triples, reticles, radii test plates and ocular lenses.

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