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naval systems

Whatever be the mission in the sea, in rivers or lakes, Certerian has a full line of boats (plain or armored) to effectively carry out surveillance, intelligence, patrol, defense, deterrence and attack duties, with or without weapons. The options range from rigid inflatable boats (RIB), to patrol boats of several sizes and specifications, with proven performance far superior to similar equipment in the market. For civil and military users, the portfolio includes a complete line of lifting and deck equipment mainly consisting in offshore, cargo and naval cranes.


Patrol boats for military, police and rescue tasks; the different models manufactured by Holyhead Marine in their proprietary shipyards in UK vary in length (8 and 18 m.) and speed (20 to 30 knots), with different kind of engines or waterjets, depending on the type of missions that they are going to carry out.

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High quality and superior performance of hoist and deck equipment to worldwide markets, mainly for offshore, cargo and navy cranes.

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The Vector company specializes in designing and manufacturing rigid inflatable boats; following advanced worldwide trends of development of small ship building industry, Vector builds modern high-speed boats and powerboats.

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