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wireless panic button systems

Panic Buttons are wireless monitorable pushbuttons with radial mesh technology, aimed to remotely activate several types of devices. In the particular case of LRAD-360X Early Warning Systems, Nanocomm Push Buttons are intended to activate selected pre-recorded tones, alarms and/or messages by authorized users away from the control unit or the control center; since no installation or alarm panel is required, it’s an ideal solution for the EWS activation.

The audible confirmation event sending, allows the user a faster and more efficient reaction in real time to an any event that requires sound activation. In each network there must be as least one  Nanomesh 3G or IP Cone, which links the transmitted data from the button to the control center.


Buenos Aires - Argentina

A company with extensive experience in the electronic and communications security market. Dedicated to the development and manufacture of electronic security systems and wireless telemetry. Developing equipment for all types of tactical and industrial connectivity, optimizing the flow of information and reception of data; the company is based in Argentina, but has important users in the main Latin American markets.

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