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MRO Aerospace


Largo, FL - USA

MRO Aerospace offers rapid turn around and cost effective repair and overhaul of maintenance requirements for any critical mission. Whether needed purchase, lease, sell, or trade aircraft components, MRO Aerospace provides unparalleled asset management services.

commercial and military aircraft systems and component repair

Maintenance of a broad range of military aircraft components with main facilities in Largo (FL) equipped to repair and overhaul a large array of military aircraft parts & pieces, from fighters to heavy transports, as well civilian airplanes.

Specialized services include the repair of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), gyros & accelerometers, avionics, radar systems, TACAN systems, NAV/COM, heads up displays, lead computer gyros, gimbal assemblies mainly Litton LN-33, LN-39, LN-91, Ln-93, LTN-51, LTN-72, LTN-92; also, hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrical systems.

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