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land systems

Certerian has an interesting range of innovative products in the area of Land Systems, which help military and police users to focus on their routine, tactical and strategic missions in the field, supported by high-tech equipment, to perform successfully from the simplest to the most complicated tasks. The different solutions are manufactured by recognized suppliers in the defense area of several continents, and have been tested and are in service in the harshest environments.


Soucy Defense specializes in advanced composite rubber track (CRT) technology for different kind of military and civilian vehicles.

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Doron’s interactive driving simulators are designed to provide a dynamic training environment for a wide variety of military vehicle applications. Multiple units can be linked to create real-time scenarios enabling the development of team-based skills and coordinated training.

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Paragrine Systems is building air and ground mobility into a single rugged and efficient vehicle.  The Paragrine AGUV (Air & Ground Utility Vehicle) is operational today with vast potential for technology enhancement and worldwide operations.

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Non-lethal ammunition and other pyrotechnics designed to address the needs of modern Police units and Armies around the world.

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The most complete line of NATO certified optical systems, manufactured under the ISO 9001:2008 standard

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The worlds highest quality inflatable soft cases to protect almost any kind of lightweight weapon, facilitating and making its carrying and use more comfortable than ever.

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