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Holyhead Marine


North Wales - UK

Holyhead Marine Services specialises in the new-build, refit and repair of Aluminium, steel and GRP boats up to 24m loa or 100 Ton displacement. We offer a bespoke service catering to a clients specific requirements.

patrol boats

Patrol boats for military, police and rescue tasks; the different models manufactured by Holyhead Marine in their proprietary shipyards in UK vary in length (8 and 18 m.) and speed (20 to 30 knots), with different kind of engines or waterjets, depending on the type of missions that they are going to carry out.

The boats were originally developed for the UK Ministry of Defense and for the Royal Marines, but given their versatility, maneuverability, superior performance and technical characteristics in general, they became very popular and, today they’re in active service in users on five continents.

Holyhead Marine aliso manufacture a wide variety of commercial, recreational, ´pilot and rescue boats, both in production line or tailor-made.

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