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early warning


As the world changes and more risks, threats and emergencies appear, the need for a modern early warning alert system grows. Technical innovations have enabled certain organizations to thrive in the face of an emergency situation. From climate-related disasters to real threats on military or civilian facilities, a emergency response in a critical event means the difference between life or death. Then, many type of organizations need a reliable audible alert system in order to protect human lives and valuable assets and critical infrastructure.


Warning and notification with electronic sirens made in Germany has been the Hörmann mission for over 60 years; the company work tirelessly with innovative spirit, drive and uncompromising quality standards to provide optimum solutions to protect the people and save lives in case of threat, emergency or risk, mainly from natural disasters.

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Panic Buttons are wireless monitorable pushbuttons with radial mesh technology, aimed to remotely activate several types of devices. In the particular case of LRAD-360X Early Warning Systems,

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