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DPI UAV Systems


Essington, PA - USA

Founded in 1992, DPI focus on designing and building small, cost-effective autonomous unmanned helicopters that could carry image, communication, and logistics payloads. DPI also collaborates with cutting edge researchers to help move advanced autonomy and payloads onto their UAV systems.

unmanned aerial cargo systems

DPI is an industry leader in the U.S. of small rotary wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Recognized for their robust low-cost UAVs, their innovative rotorcraft design, their extensive testing knowledge, and successful UAV deployment. DPI UAVs are designed for tactical applications in near-earth environments, complex terrain, and restricted environments, such as urban, jungle and mountainous areas.

DP-14 is a multi-mission unmanned aerial system (UAS) designed for precision aerial resupply. The DP-14's advanced tandem design enables class-leading cargo carrying capacity, range, endurance while minimizing footprint.

The system can carry 200+ lbs. payload to beyond 81 miles and sprint to speeds up to 105 kts.

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