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Doron Precision Systems


Binghamton, NY - USA

Doron Precision Systems provides the most reliable, powerful and top-of-the-line military vehicle training simulators. Doron is the world’s leading provider of land vehicle simulation systems – including a wide variety of military vehicle training simulator systems – with more than 25,000 simulators delivered and installed in over 60 countries.

military & mining vehicle simulators

Doron’s interactive driving simulators are designed to provide a dynamic training environment for a wide variety of military vehicle applications. Multiple units can be linked to create real-time scenarios enabling the development of team-based skills and coordinated training.

Haul Truck Driving Simulator is specifically designed for surface mining training. The driving position for the haul truck configuration replicates a typical vehicle in the 300 to 400-ton payload truck class that has set the benchmarks worldwide for high production in most of the world’s larger open pit mines. The driving position is fully equipped with a working set of controls, instruments and switches including operational horns, radios and an adjustable seat.

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