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Base Camp Connect


Charny, QC - Canada

Base Camp Connect empowers Military & First Responders with simple to use, portable & configurable interoperability go-kits that improve mobility & readiness without requiring training to operate.

rapid deployable communications

Base Camp Connect (BCC) manufacturers innovative communications systems for in-field teams in order they can interoperate easily and concentrate on doing their job. All products are built to allow continuity of operations and incorporate the principles of quick-deployment, simplicity, ease of use and collaboration in multi-tier operations.

In 5 minutes flat, without training, the Base Camp Connect boots up to ensure continuity by automatically connecting to available networks, based on pre-set priorities. The PBX voice system works on legacy 2G & 3G cellular networks, but also on SAT networks. Moreover, legacy PSTN lines can be connected to provide network access, as well as IP networks for Voice Over IP (VOIP) communications, using the BCC data system.

Data transmission & reception is mission critical for public safety to improve disaster response and recovery efforts, and for the military for critical information access while in operation. From maximal capability to mobile small form factor needs, BCC has both options available.

The radio interoperability gateways provide a communications bridge between 2 and up to 10 radio networks for normally incompatible radio systems. The BCC-RI radio interface allows cross-band communications in both clear and encrypted modes, with any radio type, brand, and model.

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