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airborne missions integration

AeroMission, the integrated mission management system, is the solution for any airborne surveillance scenarios; the main features are: one single workstation that integrates and controls all sensors operation, audio/picture/video digital storage, automated generation of standard messages or reports including information/report exchange with aircraft and ground control center (existing or Aerodata provided),  data exchange with electronic flight deck (video, FMS, aircraft data) and algorithm for sensor fusion.

Depending on customer’s requirements, AeroMission can be equipped with different sensors as Electro-Optical sensors, (infrared, daylight and night vision cameras), AESA radar systems, search & rescue, direction finding (DF), tactical wide-band direction finding, AIS, and COMINT/SIGINT/ ELINT sensors.


Braunschweig - Germany

Aerodata is a privately owned company with global presence. Founded in 1985 the Aerodata Group s world leader in Flight Inspection Systems and a leading provider of complex and customer specific turnkey airborne solutions.

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