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In the aerial systems segment, CERTERIAN is a Colombian company mostly oriented to provide equipment sales and consulting services to the Ministry of Defense contracting office. CERTERIAN EWS is one of the leading advisory companies in Colombia for both; new and or pre-owned/used aircraft sales with key suppliers worldwide. The company is one of the largest new or pre-owned/used aircraft sales companies in Colombia, and a major player in the commercial aircraft remarketing, sourcing and leasing market in this country. While more than 70% of the Colombian aviation systems and inventory are U.S. made, some of these systems are being slowly retired. The Colombian Air Force revitalization program will quickly achieve significant cost savings as maintenance-intensive systems continue to be taken out of the Colombian inventories on a monthly basis.


With an impressive network of contacts in the United States, Canada and Eastern Europe CERTERIAN EWS can easily find operational solutions to a wide myriad of operational requirements within the Armed Forces and the National Police of the Republic of Colombia.   


Largest selection of aircraft parts and component repair management for commercial airlines, private operators, and military air forces; maintenance repair overhaul.

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AeroMission, the integrated mission management system, is the solution for any airborne surveillance scenarios.

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The UAVs can be used for inspection, monitoring, surveillance and recording from air while maintaining the highest safety standards, in the most demanding civilian and military environments.

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Maintenance of a broad range of military aircraft components with main facilities in Largo (FL) equipped to repair and overhaul a large array of military aircraft parts & pieces, from fighters to heavy transports, as well civilian airplanes.

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DP-14 is a multi-mission unmanned aerial system (UAS) designed for precision aerial resupply. The DP-14's advanced tandem design enables class-leading cargo carrying capacity, range, endurance while minimizing footprint.

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The first autonomous system to provide rotational and swing control of suspended loads in adverse conditions.

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