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about us


Certerian is a subsidiary of the  Arolen Group (1990), incorporated in 2008 to serve different military and civilian markets with high-tech solutions, through its two different business units:  Certerian Defense & Alert (Military & Defense) and Certerian-EWS (Early Warning Systems).


Current Defense & Alert customers are mainly - but not exclusively - users in the military, defense, police, security and civil defense areas; as example, in Colombia the Army, the Air Force, the Navy, the National Police, the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces Joint Command are large Certerian’s clients since many years ago. The company also has military customers in some other countries.


Users of Early Warning Systems commonly are risk management agencies (local, regional, national and several international), environmental authorities, and large industries including production plants, infrastructure, oil, gas, mining, energy, public works, ports and airports, just to mention a few.


The combination of business units, products, solutions and services, plus the experience of a highly skilled human group (including former high-rank military officers), is a guarantee of success for any developed project regardless its size or complexity.


Certerian is a company widely recognized for having introduced innovative and totally disruptive technologies to different countries in the region, which have become true referrals in the vertical markets in which the company operates.


arolen group


The group began activities in 1990 and consists of several companies with high-tech solutions that carry out their commercial activity in different vertical markets in Colombia and other Latin American countries, integrating and representing important manufacturers from several countries around the world, and also developing their own hardware and software specific solutions. The companies that comprise it share the common vision of providing safe, innovative, practical and reliable products and services to various types of users with the best cost-benefit ratio in the entire market, supported by a transversal integration achieved in more than 30 years of uninterrupted operation, so we are proud to share our corporate slogan: "beyond the real limits".

Arolen is a dynamic group that since its inception has introduced numerous technologies to important market segments and industries and has achieved significant corporate goals that position it in a privileged position. This dynamism has led the group to create new companies, grow them, spin some of them off, develop business units and incubate others as new companies, and in some cases merge them when market conditions are favorable, without sacrificing the quality commitment and service vocation with the customers.


The companies of the Arolen Group are headquartered in the United States (Miami) and in Colombia (Bogotá DC), and includes Arolen Corp. (corporate holding company), Certerian, Complexia Health & Care, Aster-Energy, Electia International and Velstand Investment .

corporate ethics


Certerian, like all the companies of the Arolen Group, are governed by a code of ethics and good business practices, which has been adopted corporately by conviction and not by imposition. This business philosophy has been developed taking into account employees, collaborators, partners and managers, and has contributed decisively to build the excellent reputation of all its companies as serious, responsible and transparent suppliers in all their business and commercial practices, as well as in comprehensive care (administrative, technical, logistics, support, etc.) of each and every one of its customers and end users, regardless of their size or the dimension of the provided solution.

social responsability

With the firm conviction that commercial activity without social benefit doesn’t contribute to leaving a legacy that transcends time, the Arolen Group supports two important initiatives aimed at the benefit, well-being and development of vulnerable populations. Under this corporate policy, the group finances several projects of the “Bengala la Maleza” Foundation, and through Certerian currently supports the Alert4Life Foundation.


Alert4Life is a private non-profit foundation created to provide Early Warning Systems to highly vulnerable towns and communities without a government budget, which need to have a reliable acoustic notification solution that allows risk management local authorities to inform the target audience in advance of a possible natural disasters or public catastrophes that could affect them significantly and have devastating effects, mainly in loss of human life