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7Technologies Group


Lisburn, Northern Ireland - UK

7Technologies portfolio of solutions covers cameras, tracking systems and sensor systems across all capability areas including tracking, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and tactical cyber solutions, with a focus on autonomous fusion development.

medium and long range cameras

7Tech first-class camera systems are designed for rugged, unattended deployments and consistent performance in the most demanding scenarios. They provide different customers with an optical capability at 6 inches to in excess of 15 miles. Optimal visibility in all environments 24/7 and rapidly deploy in different locations, make them perfect for persistence surveillance and stand-off intelligence gathering.

triggering & cueing

7Technologies NATO certified triggering and cueing systems are designed based on years of tactical experience in deployment and application of the capability. Scalability of the system allows coverage definition, be it global or local.

data transmission

7Technologies data communications systems offer robust digital video/audio/data transmission in the most demanding environments. Through extensive research and development, 7Technologies has developed a range of data transmission systems covering numerous communication channels including RF, Iridium and Thuraya.

RF intelligence

Mobile devices are increasingly used in the planning and execution of organized crime and terrorism. In combination with our partners, we provide high quality and bespoke systems to help counter such threats to society.

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